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Elite Asia in Singapore’s transcription solutions can be provided separately or together with our translation services. The different types of TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES IN SINGAPORE we can provide include (but not limited to); legal transcription, meeting transcription, focus group or research transcription, business transcription and general transcription. Our professional and experienced team manages your transcription projects in a secure and professional manner. Though our primary goal is to provide professional TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES IN SINGAPORE to our clients at cost-effective rates, we will not compromise on quality and will ensure you receive accurate transcripts in a timely manner. The delivered transcripts you receive are validated by a second transcriptionist, proofread and reviewed to ensure accuracy.

ELITE ASIA’s Key Service Benefits

  • •    Quality transcripts which are accurate and have been re-verified by a second transcriptionist.

  • •    Professional, timely, client-centric and flexible transcription service.

  • •    Dedicated Project Manager handles your transcription projects with expeditious and courteous communication.

  • •    High level of security to maintain confidentiality in all our transcriptions projects.

  • •    Cost-effective and affordable rates for all types of transcriptions including legal transcriptions, meeting transcriptions, focus group or
        research transcriptions, business transcriptions, medical transcriptions, general transcriptions, Chinese transcriptions, multilingual
        transcription and translations, videoconference transcriptions and podcast transcriptions too.


Our TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES IN SINGAPORE is frequently used by firms like Wong Partnership (Legal Firm), Premiere Global (Conference Services), Esplanade Singapore (Conference Services), Spinergy Motion (Production Company) and is ideal for doctors, researchers, lawyers, event planners, government agencies, professional service providers and etc.


TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES IN SINGAPORE are provided by a handful of companies that heavily depends on freelance transcriptionists that are not adequately equipped with the proper tools or software. Thus, the turnaround and quality of the transcripts are often less than desirable. While there are available software such as Winscribe and equipment like foot pedals which can greatly improve the quality and productivity of each transcription job, they are not used often as the costs are mostly out of the reach of freelancers.

In choosing TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES IN SINGAPORE for your project, you would want to make sure that the transcription company is properly equipped and has clearly defined transcription, editing and proofreading (TEP) working process from the start to final delivery. Especially important to you would be the accuracy and revision processes which we have in place, which ensure levels of accuracy which are above 98%, with 98% being the industry standard. The revision process is supported with professional proofreading before delivery of the final transcripts.

In Elite Asia in Singapore, we are flexible enough to meet our clients’ turnaround time requirements with several options such as same-day delivery, delivery in 24 hours as well as batch delivery for high-volume cases. Discounts from our standard rates are freely offered for bulk jobs and for extended delivery timelines. Billings are transparent with no hidden surcharges and are easy-to-understand. You will know exactly how much you are paying before we commence work on the transcription. The transcripts you receive are also guaranteed by a clearly defined REFUND POLICY that ensures you need not pay for sloppy work , and to date, we have not had to carry out this refund policy as our clients have been very satisfied with our work.

With our qualified transcriptionists and proficient language translators, we can deliver transcripts that need to be in a different language too. To obtain an obligation free quotation, kindly call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form and we will attend to you promptly without delay.

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