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As various media content are no longer bound to a specific location with the advent of the internet, viewers of different linguistic cultures are most responsive when such content is localized for them. A movie produced in one country can be released for a global audience with quality SUBTITLES TRANSLATIONS SERVICES as a cost-effective solution, as compared to dubbing the entire movie with voice talents in various languages.

SUBTITLES TRANSLATIONS SERVICES provided by Elite Asia in Singapore are specifically for corporate content instead of consumer content. Corporate content includes technical training videos, operation guides and various corporate video presentations. Our vast pool of talented and experienced team of professional translators deliver quality SUBTITLES TRANSLATIONS SERVICES as subject matter experts, which has positioned us to provide value-added copywriting style translations instead of being a mass producer of literal translations.

If you need specialized subtitle translation services in Singapore, we humbly invite you to try Elite Asia in Singapore, we promise to deliver a fuss-free service experience and competitive rates for your subtitling needs. You can request for an obligation free quotation now via our web form or speak to our friendly representatives by calling us at +65 6681 6717.


Though English is the preferred language used in the world wide web, only 28% online users are proficient in English. With increasing pressure to establish a viable presence in various cultural markets, companies continue to see language barriers as a major obstacle in their globalization effort. With a diversified workforce in different continents, a company’s internal communication risks being diluted when key directives get lost in translations, achieving little or no knowledge transfer.

Elite Asia in Singapore’s SUBTITLES TRANSLATIONS SERVICES for training videos and corporate communication videos ensures our clients get their message across to their diverse workforce and bridge the gaps in language differences. Videos and presentations are translated using contextualized subtitles that are easily comprehensible while using the same content delivered in multiple languages, resulting in a consistent message being conveyed to the non-English speakers.

In our quality assurance process for SUBTITLES TRANSLATIONS SERVICES, our clients are provided with the CVs of suitable translators with extensive experience in both the source and target languages for their projects. With our SUBTITLES TRANSLATIONS SERVICES, we have effectively helped companies to deploy a practical and cost-effective solution that bridges the language gap between English and non-English speaking staff. To understand how you too can benefit from our SUBTITLES TRANSLATIONS SERVICES, call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form to request for a presentation today.

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